How to Write a General Lab Report

Have you ever noticed that scientific writing is as crucial as experiments themselves? Although major parts occur in the labs spending lots of time in the presentation of the results is a factor that can never be underestimated. In this case, a well-organized lab report paper is more influential and effective than the one that has no structure. The article will serve to explain the structure.

Sections of the Lab Report

  1. Title

A good title will draw the attention of your audience. The will want to know that which you have represented in such a catchy title. A good example of a title is as follows:

Example1: measurement of gravitational strength by use of a simple pendulum

As you can see above, avoid beginning your title with some words such as “the.” This normally leads to misleading search results when one uses the database.

  1. Introduction

At the introduction, you should state the purpose of your experiment. This should be in general terms.  For instance, going by the example above, one can say that:

“It is thus possible to give measurements of a gravitational acceleration by use of a simple pendulum.”

It is important under this section that you review the existing information as well as theory. Your reader will focus on some information that should relate to the topic. It is thus important that you supply substantial information explaining how the model or theory can be applied in making measurements.

  1. The procedure

It is wise that you indicate the properties and parameters of the system you are applying. Here is the section that will serve you better. The parameter is however flexible since something such temperature and other independent variables keep changing. It is thus important that you specify such variables and other measurement details.

  1. The results section

It is good you provide a table that shows your measurements with units.  Then describe the uncertainties involved. They include standard and random errors.  Provide graphs and final conceptual answer.

  1. Discussion

Present the findings you have gotten from the experiment. Then do outcome evaluation objectively. Here you should take the uncandid and unbiased point of view. State and suggest the experiment discrepancies and how they and be solved.

The general format outlined out is a very exhaustive list that cannot be ignored by serious science learners. They have given a detailed framework around which one can come up with a compelling report.

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