Critical Tips for Writing a Good Book Review

Ah, a book review! I know you have once been requested to write a good book review. All that was needed from you is an opinion of the book in quetion. So it is expecting you to state whether you loved the book or not. An honest and detailed thought about the book you are reviewing will give people reasons to read it. This article will take you through tips you can consider if you want your book review to move people. Many people are stuck on what to write in a book review. The first thing to do before writing is imagining you are talking to someone who asked you whether you read the book or not.

  1. Begin with a brief description about the book

Do so, but you are not allowed to give spoilers or reveal plot twists. Also, avoid writing in details about anything that occurred from the middle of your read book onwards. In case the book you are reviewing is a series, it is nice you tell people this point and let them also know whether you need to read some other previous books for you to enjoy this one.

  1. What was most interesting in the book

Elaborate on what you particularly loved about the book under review. Here, you are expected to focus on your feelings and thoughts but the story and how it was narrated; this is a critical component of a good book review.  To make this efficient, you may choose to answer the following questions:

  1. Who happened to be your favorite character and why was it so?
  2. How did the character feel to you? Real or factious?
  3. How did the story leave you? Guessing or satisfied?
  4. After reading, did you feel like crying or laughing
  5. Which was the most favorite section and why?


  1. Include a roundup of the review

Some of your thoughts about this book should be summarized and written here. They should be about the entire book and probably suggest which kind of readers you would recommend the book to. Is it appropriate for young or the old? Are there any other book types that would compare to this one?

  1. Rate the book

A review is not complete until you rate it. You can give it mark out of maybe five or ten. You can give stars for this.

  1. Example of a good book review

“Things Fall Apart” is a book that leaves the reader loving the words and characters too. The book is best read by the students in literature classes s it deals with the post, pre and colonial literature. The Nigerian writer lives in The US with two young children. It is a quality book, and I can rate it four stars out of five.

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