How It Works

WhizWriters offers customers with a personalized and unique approach that entails unlimited communication with both the support team and the writers before, during and after the order is placed. We have a team of experienced scholars ready and willing to work on your essay. At any point in time, the customer is entitled to an update on the progress of the paper upon request. The customer can as well request for partial progress reports, spcifically for the long papers.

The following simple steps summarize how the platform works:

  1. Sign up (for the new customers) and placing an order: Simply fill out your first essay details here, as well personal information that the company can use to reach you in case of an emergency, and for the notifications and update on the status of the order. After you key in all the necessary details, click on the proceed to checkout button at the bottom of the page. Your order is now placed on the “pending list.” For the second time and subsequent customers, simply log in to your account using the credentials used to sign up and proceed to create a new order. The pricing for every order is auto calculated based on the page length, the discipline, the agency and finally, the academic level.
  1. Checkout: Click on the Checkout/Make Payment button to make the payment for the order. Currently we only accept payment through PayPal. You will safely be directed to PayPal to make your payment. Once the payment is complete, you will be re-directed back to the portal. Now, the order status will change from “pending” to “in progress.”
  2. Monitor and enquire about the progress: If need be, keep in touch with the writer and the support team and constantly enquire about the progress.
  3. Editing and Completion: Once the writer completes the essay/report and submits it, we first peruse through it, proofread and edit any mistakes that may not have been captured. If the editing team is satisfied with the work, the paper is marked as completed and the customer receives a notification to log into the system and check out the paper. If the editorial team finds the paper to be unsatisfactory, it is placed on revision for improvement.
  4. Approval: We give the customers a period of two weeks to peruse through the submitted paper and request for revision or give any other feedback regarding the paper. Failure to get any communication from the customer within the two week, the order is auto approved and termed as successfully completed

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