Critical Tips on How to Successfully Write Your Capstone Project

Whenever a learner arrives in their final year of study in a degree program, completing a capstone project is a MUST task. It is that paper where you are expected to bring in the important knowledge that you gained in the degree course. It is thus supposed to be a thorough investigation of more than one area of the program you studied.

What Makes a Capstone Project Valid

A valid capstone project must collect skills that are gained from several different subjects and topics. Resultantly, it should depict what the student has understood in the course of his learning. A unique element of this project is that it has to propose a problem and then solve this distinctive issue.

Steps of Writing a Capstone Project

Begin by thinking back to you as freshman learner. Here analyzes a list of papers you wrote exams and projects you presented. From this, you can now flesh and pick the main idea from each. Secondly, understand that a capstone project has so much in common with a research paper. With this in mind, refresh from your past research papers and get another point to add up.

With all those materials, it is easier to choose a relevant topic for your capstone project. The professor will approve it if it is unique and relevant. To make your topic easily accepted, cleverly word it including as much covered work as possible.

Thirdly, collect verified resources and references that are up-to-date. They might include books, journals, articles and other scholarly materials. Set a substantial amount of time reading these materials. This will help you easily maneuver over familiar grounds during the time your project will be in progress.

Key Points to Consider

Know that a capstone project is no different from a thesis paper. They both are meant to bring the course study at a close showing the professor or the panel what you have mastered so far. They are eager to know what you are capable of doing now! In this regard make sure you demonstrate what you have learned.

A capstone project should not run below 45 pages (The length may vary depending on institution policies and guidelines). With a good number of resources in your reference list, it should have about 12000 words. A table of content should be included an abstract and an appendix if possible.


  • Never use clichés or funny hackneyed phrases.
  • Do not omit critical details
  • Do not neglect proper grammar, punctuation, syntax and word choice.

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