Critical Tips on How to Write a Film Review

To show a brilliant work of art after watching a movie, you have to substantially applaud and critique different contracuts. If and when this is required by your professor, it is known as an academic film review. For you to write a good film review, you have to entertain, inform and persuade the reader of your review by giving an original opinion without giving too much of what the plot is about. Writing an excellent academic movie review can be art itself. Below are steps to take when writing a successful film review.

  1. You must start by drafting the review

Here you can start by writing a compelling opinion or fact about the movie you are analyzing. This is the secret tied to hook the reader instantly. In this case, let the first sentence be a show of how you felt. A good example is the statements below: “…the film is terrible horror…”, “…the movie is great…” “…nice…”. This will glue your readers, making them wat to know what is that that made you acquire that specific feeling. The secret to a good statement of feeling can only convince the reader if it is clear and well established. Besides, it has to be the first statement so that the attention will be grabbed and glued to the review you wrote! If possible, let your opinion be accompanied with specific quoted evidence form the movie. Apart from the obvious plot analysis, you should have that ability to navigate across other aspects such as the tone and cinematography. Everything in that film counts.

  1. Put your draft into an excellent writing

Your film review draft will not mean much if not implemented. The first thing to take care of is the introductory paragraph and its thesis statement. Here let a summary of the film be gotten by your reader with an opinion gluing their attention through the entire work. It always feels nice to let the reader have an idea of what they will read. The next paragraphs should show a high ability analysis with quotes from the film you watched. This is the only way to convince the reader that you watched the film and what you are writing is not your things.  Your writing should remain clear and easily comprehensive. Facts and opinions under this section are welcomed. Finally, let the review be wrapped with a conclusion. Remember to make it back the thesis statement you made when introducing the review.  Polish the review and when done, be sure you will score good grades than ever before!

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