Critical Tips on How to Write a Research Paper Appendix

The appendix section of a research paper only carries information that is only supplementary and not strictly a must. In other words, it is not a strict necessity part of writing. However, most professors will give you extra points for going this extra mile. It includes the reference section, summary of your raw data that you gathered, and finally details on methods behind your work. The first step to a good appendix is collecting content and then format the content properly. The article will give an elaborated guide on how to write an appendix successfully.

  1. Gather the information

The first content is raw data. After the research, the best platform to show the data you collected in details is the appendix space. It has to be relevant to the study. Also, put supporting graphs, images and chart. These are important contents of the appendix section. Visual supporting elements such as maps, drawings, graphs, and charts are good examples. An interview survey may also be necessary under this section if your study applied this method to collect data. Ensure the survey transcript used depict the entire interview including the research question and answers. In some cases, correspondences you got with the subject while conducting your research should never be under estimated. They include copies of emails, notes, and letters.

  1. Formatting 

The title of your appendix should be clear and written on top of the page. Capital letters should be used as illustrated below.


However, note that you are free to use any font that you used to write the rest of the research. In case your study involved more than one appendix, let each of them appear in a new page and titled as follows.

“Appendix A”

“Appendix B”

“Appendix 1.”

“Appendix 2.”

The reason why a new appendix should be on its page is to ensure that your reader is not confused. After all, he needs to know where one starts and where it ends. The content in your appendix should be will ordered to make it more user-friendly.

  1. Polishing

Revise the section to ensure it is clear  and cohesive. The appendix will not have a particular word count or standard page, but it is only reasonable to avoid making it unnecessarily long. Also, check all grammar and spelling mistakes and correct before submitting.

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