Professional Research and Business Proposal Structure

A proposal has to be customized to suit a particular circumstances or audience. This is not difficult; any learner can understand how that is done. However, for you to stand out among the elites, you have to ask yourself one question. How can I best structure my proposal to score the highest? Below is a detailed overall structure of a research/business proposal.

  1. Title and a brief executive summary

Start your paper with a catchy title which identifies with your research/business proposal in very clear terms. In addition, let your executive summary give basic details about the proposal objectives, methodology, solutions as well as cost. Under this section, make sure you achieve the following

  • Attract your reader’s interest and glue them to the rest of the content
  • Give your reader an orientation for them to delve into the finer points.
  1. Have a clear introduction

Under the introduction, you have to touch on the following:

  • Major activities of your proposal
  • A brief history of your idea
  • What is your purpose?
  • Who are you crediting?
  • Who is your intended recipient?
  1. Problem statement

It is also referred to as the need statement. It is crucial when it comes to proposal methodology, and it suggests what problem your paper is suggesting to solve. It gives some direction, tone as well as what the paper will revolve around. It has to be reinforced with the following:

  • Facts, comparisons, interviews as well as interviews
  • Explain why your stated problem needs a solution convincingly

Basically, an optimal length of this need statement section should not exceed three pages.

  1. Solution/Objective Section

Here you should detail the goals that your proposals hope to accomplish. It ideally contains the following elements:

  • Goals broken into small time bounded and measurable targets
  • Achievable strategies to meet the objectives
  • Give projections on the basis of assumptions
  • Mitigation forecast for a worst case scenario
  1. Work Plan Section

This gives the methodology or approach for attaining or getting your solution. it incorporates the following.

  • A management plan that details project organization as well a structure
  • Activity and the process of competence
  • Structure of the management
  • List of the exclusions
  1. Budget

This is one of the most vital parts of your research/business proposal. It will influence acceptance or rejection of your suggestion. You will agree that a good proposal is based on contingency of financial consideration. It should thus not ideally incorporate a breakdown of the actual figures, but importantly justify those figures.

  1. Wrap Your Work with a Summative Conclusion

Here, review the expectations stating the problem and suggested a solution.  give referees and other cited testimonials to reinforce your solutions.


The structure elaborated above is proven and recommended by experts. Following it is a sure way to success!

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