Critical Tips on How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

If you enrolled in an English class in college, then you must agree with me that a compare and contrast essay is not your favorite. A good compare and contrast essay will end up how the subject is similar and at the same time different. Besides, it should also make a meaningful argument on the topics. To achieve this is somehow intimidating.

But why worry, when all you have to do is go through the steps elaborated below by this article? Once you are done, be sure to take some of the flight out of these essays.

  1. Make a careful consideration of the issues presented to you

An excellent compare and contrast essay will be based on a comprehensive understanding of the assignment given to you. Go through the paper requirement slowly analyzing them bit by bit. This is the only way to a serious head start on your paper.

  1. Brainstorm the topic

You won’t be in a position to jump straight from coming up with a side of the argument to formulating a thesis statement. That is okay! This is time to think and investigate how different and similar your subject is.

  1. Consider your primary points first

It is not possible to give all way in which your subject is same or different. Remember you have to communicate with a given number of words. It is thus highly recommended that you make a wise choice of words that seem particularly relevant to the issue you are discussing.

For instance, if your comparison is on topic cats and dogs, it is clear that both are household pets. Besides, they are easy to adopt, and all have unique care needs. If your essay required some two maximum similarities, then you can look at which makes more sense.

  1. Your thesis must be clear

Your line of argument must be clear; the direction you took should be very bold. Your thesis argument should have one special thing; it should explain why it is critical putting these two subjects together in the first place. Then let your thesis state why one subject is desirable compared to the other.

  1. Develop a catchy structure

A compare and contrast essay can be organized in numerous ways. The one you go for depends on which works best for the idea you are for. The best structure is where you have the following organization:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Paragraph1(make the first comparison)
  • Paragraph2 (make the second comparison)
  • Paragraph3 (make comparison three)
  • Paragraph4 (make comparison four)
  • Conclude your paper

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